The Issue

For decades, productivity and corporate profits have sky rocketed in America yet American wages have largely stagnated. Decisions made by legislatures and moneyed interests (largely due to lobbying and money in politics) have made this possible. Power has been stripped away from workers and unions, the minimum wage hasn’t kept up with inflation, and we’ve seen trillions of dollars shift from the working class to the wealthiest Americans.

What Eric Will Fight For

I will fight to raise the Federal Minimum Wage to a living wage of at least $15 an hour and tie it to annual inflation moving forward.

I will fight to tie the Federal Tipped Minimum Wage to the Federal Minimum Wage so that tipped positions must be paid a living wage from employers just like any other occupation. It is my belief that the Federal Minimum Tipping Wage simply subsidizes employers by allowing them to pay less than the Federal Minimum Wage and decreases paycheck stability for those whom worked in tipped positions. Here in Kentucky for example, employers can only pay $2.13 to employees that make at least $30 a month in tips. That must change.

I will fight to eliminate right-to-work laws which are designed to cripple unions.