The Issue

Infrastructure isn’t the most popular issue with people. The only time most people seem to care about infrastructure is when it’s failed them. When you’ve hit a pot hole in the road and now need a new tire, or you’re water is contaminated like the people of Flint, MI.

A healthy infrastructure is important to providing quality life for the people whom live here and our ability to compete in the growing global economy. We have a big problem though. Our roads, dams, electrical grids, sewage systems, water systems, schools, piping, bridges, etc. are all getting older and deteriorating and we aren’t doing enough to not only fix it, but improve upon it.

Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers puts out a “Report Card” for America’s infrastructure. In it, they grade the conditions and performance of American infrastructure based on physical condition and needed investments for improvement. The last year this was done was in 2017 and America received the same letter grade it got 4 years earlier in 2013: D-

What Eric Will Fight For

I will fight for massive infrastructure funding in order to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and in order to create millions of jobs right here at home.