The Issue

Guns are a big part of many Americans culture and that should be respected. However, gun violence is an major issue in this country and it results in tens of thousands of deaths and injuries every year. Our firearm homicide rate is nearly 25 times higher and our overall death by firearm rate was over 11 times higher than other comparable countries. The United States leads the world in mass shootings with one study finding that 31% of the worlds mass shootings occur in the United States, despite the fact that the United States only holds about 5% of the worlds population. This is a Kentucky issue as well. From 2008-2017 Kentucky had the 15th-highest rate of gun deaths of any state. We must address these issues and I personally believe we can pass reforms that will help to reduce gun violence, save lives, and still allow law-abiding Americans to obtain a firearm.

The majority of Americans want common sense gun reform but we never get it from congress. The NRA, whom in my view is bought by gun manufacturers, spends millions of dollars on political contributions, lobbying, and advertising in order to ensure that gun reforms aren’t passed. They fight to deter spineless candidates from doing what Americans want or in order to crush those that dare do the people’s will. The NRA is a giant force in Washington D.C. (a city that is seemingly ran by moneyed interests) and I will fight against them. It’s time to stand up to the NRA and pass common sense gun reform that will help to reduce gun violence and mass shootings.

What Eric Will Fight For

Requiring universal background checks on all gun sales (private and commercial).

Ending the gun show loophole.

Implementing a common sense Federal gun licensing system (states whom have implemented licensing experience lower rates of violence and gun trafficking).

Requiring gun safety training in order to obtain a license to purchase a firearm.

Establishing a Federal waiting time of 1 week to buy a gun (research shows waiting times reduce gun homicides by 17%)

Prohibiting bump stocks, high-capacity ammunition magazines, armor piercing bullets, and ghost guns.