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Meet Eric

I am a passionate American Progressive that puts policy front and center. I firmly believe that politics is about policy because policy is what effects all of our lives. I don’t want any confusion as to what I believe and how I’ll vote or what I’ll fight for. Our issues page has a list of issues that I am passionate about and should give you a perfect idea of how I will vote and what I will fight for.

I am running for the U.S. Senate because I am passionate about solving the problems we have in this country and I am deeply disappointed in our options in this race. Mitch McConnell is the epitome of the corrupt establishment politician that has broken Washington DC to the point where Politicians now represent their donors instead of their constituents. Other leading candidates are platitude machines with no firm policy substance behind them. McConnell must be replaced but it matters who we put in office. We need a representative that will fight for policies that help all Americans, not just the 1%. We need a representative that will stand up to big pharma, the health industry lobbyists, gas and oil, wall street, the big banks and more. I will be that representative. Please join me in our fight.

My Promise To Kentuckians

1. I will vote and fight for every issue on our issues page.

2. I will take no corporate PAC money and do no high dollar bundling dinners.

3. I will make sure Kentuckians, at all times, will be able to contact me and my team to voice their concerns and opinions.

4. I will hold consistent online Q&A’s and open dialogue with the people of Kentucky.

5. I will hold consistent town halls in Kentucky where constituents can directly ask me questions.

6. I will not be a no-show in congress. I will be active, present, and continually pushing legislation in-line with our progressive agenda.

7. I will endorse and campaign for other progressive candidates in order to move forward with getting our progressive policy initiatives passed and enacted into law.

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What Eric Stands For
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Politics is about policy. Learn exactly what you get with Eric Rothmuller as your Representative.